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Zakrisdalsvägen 3

653 42 Karlstad


About us


We market a wide range of products. Our products are often under-qualified operating conditions and therefore we are accustomed to working with high standards demanded by our customers. We also have ambitions to customize products for those who need it.


Our philosophy is to satisfy each customer with the best quality and knowledge.


Our target market is both larger and smaller companies, but of course private individuals as well.


PEWA Industrial was founded in 1994 and has, since then, been located at the industrial area "Zakrisdal" in Karlstad.




Quality & Enviroment

Our biggest amibiton is to offer you all the products we have with the best quality. We are constantly checking our products so that they hold the same high standard required.

We are an ISO certified company that is constantly working to improve the environment in better condition. We adapt production to market, therefore strict requirements for quality and environment. Today met quality certificate ISO 9001, and also environmental certificate ISO 14001.


We are constantly working towards a quality policy and environmental policy. Quality policy means that we always will keep an equally consistent and high quality forour customers with our products and services. We will be flexible and adapt to each customer's wishes. We will constantly strive for improvement in all areas of expertise and service, to be able to help you better.

The environmental policy means that we are constantly working with environmental improvements. We always give priority to products that are environmentally friendly and long lasting, just to at least be able to meet customer expectations. We are constantly working towards the prevention of pollution, and of course we are all employees at PEWA equally involved in these areas.