We have a big amount of different industrial products. We can also customize for you special application.

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Rubber sheets & rubber matting

We have a great selection for a variety of applications. Rubber membranes are manufactured in a variety of qualities and designs.

Hose couplings

We have a wide range of hose couplings and clamps for different pressures, media and environments. We are also able to produce various connectors for your specific needs.

Industrial hoses

We have a variety of hose types in both rubber and plastics for various purposes and environments.

Vibration isolaters

For example, machine mounts, cylindrical dampers, type RA, Raem, M, ANB, rubber-metal bushings and different damping elements.

Technical seals

For example, o-rings, v-rings, x-rings and radial seals

Strip seals

We have a wide range of sealing strips. We are also able to provide special profiles customized for your needs.

V-bults & pulleys

Classical V-belts Profile A, B, C, D and Z. V-belts to DIN / SMS Profile SPA, SPB, SPC and SPZ. V-belts are also

in toothed embodiment.


Manufactured as per drawing in various rubber and plastic materials.

Moulded rubber components

We obtain moulding rubber components according to your specification and requirements.

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